How to Prepare for Driving Lessons

You have booked your first driving lesson, congratulations. Now what do you do?

Hopefully you will have booked your driving lessons with a local driving school that has a good understanding of your area and local test routes. This will help you pass your driving test a lot faster in the future. It is important to build a good relationship with your driving instructor as you will be spending a lot of time with them. I do not necessarily mean that you need to start hanging out with them or taking them out for dinner, but simply try to build up some rapport. It will help you through each lesson and reduce your stress levels in difficult situations. Read the article to know more about Andy1st driving school.

When you step into a car for the first time as a pupil, you’re driving instructor will remain in his or her seat. At this stage you will swap details with one another and start to get an understanding of the car itself. Your driving instructor will go through, step by step what each control does and take your provisional driving license details. This is simply to track your progress. During your driving lesson, the driving instructor will make notes whilst you drive. Do not be alarmed. This is perfectly normal. The reason for this is to track your progress, usually through a progress card of some form.

Unfortunately, you will not be driving through your town centre or along the main roads on your first driving lesson. In most cases, you will be taken to a quiet area, close to your home. Most of the time, first driving lessons are completed on industrial estates as the roads are considerably wider and the volume of traffic is a lot smaller.

When you arrive at your driving instructors chosen area, they will pull over and you will swap positions. This is where you can start to get excited.

Once you are in position, you do not simply start driving. There are a number of health and safety considerations to make first and you need to be comfortable in the driving position. Your driving instructor will take you through the cockpit procedure. This procedure is exactly what you will do every time you get into a car. This includes the driver seat position, the rear view mirror, wing mirrors and seat position. Once this has been completed, your driving lesson will begin.

The first thing you will cover when you start to learn to drive is moving off and how to control the car safely. As part of your lesson, the aim of pulling away is to be able to prepare your vehicle correctly from a parked position and make safe, accurate observations. You will use a routine called P.O.M. This stands for preparation, observation and manoeuvre. When you are moving off for the first time, the chances of you stalling the car are quite high. However, do not be disappointed. This happens in the majority of first driving lessons.